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Hello Gardening Friend,

KatzGardenGloves came into being to solve a gardening glove problem and it can help you with yours.  We have Great Quality Gloves that FIT!   And YOU should see the SELECTION, COLORS, STYLES and SIZES available!  Expecially those for women and children.

I am pretty sure that other women gardeners, like me, get tired of buying poor quality women's gloves that fall apart quickly or didn't protect your hands like you needed. 
Then when you buy small men's gloves to get something more durable, the gloves just don't fit quite right.  Perhaps  no stores in your area carried the women's glove styles you want. Some men have the same problems too.

Sound familiar? 

You no longer have
A gardening or work glove problem!

At KatzGardenGloves:

  • You can find a great selection of womens gardening gloves.  No longer will you have to make do with what you can find in town or do without.
  • Your kids or grandkids who love to play in the garden along side you will find an awesome selection of children's gardening gloves, gardening accessories  like hats, aprons and kneeling pads, as well as children's garden tools to look through. We have added a new line call ZooHandsTM, which has some cute animal print kids gloves and hats. 
  • You will find we are a good online source of men's gardening gloves, and work gloves too.
  • You can find cotton jersey gloves to protect your hands as you go about your basic day-to-day garden chores.  We also have bamboo gloves and gloves made from recycled plastics and cotton (Eco-Fiber).  We have stronger, more durable leatherleather-palmed, or canvas gloves for heavier yard work or landscaping here too. There are nitrile-coated liners or rubber-dipped cotton gloves for working with wet soils and gripping slippery items.
  • You will find a neat selection of gardening accessories for both women and children to go along with your garden gloves.  We have a small selection of gardening supplies as well.
  • We expanded to carry some outdoor gloves for men, women, and youth.  You will find a variety of lined and insulated gloves for colder weather.
  • Some of the men's gloves are "Made in the USA" and are marked with a US flag  but most of this line was dropped in December 2012 due to price increases. Unfortunately none of the women's or children's gloves are made in the USA.  However, much of the leather comes from the US, even if the gloves are made elsewhere.  I can still obtain these "Made in the USA" products but only in units of 6; call for information if you are interested.

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