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Women's Gardening Gloves

I hate gardening--without gloves! I have to dig out the dirt from under my nails, file the broken nails, and wash off the dirt and stains, and then put up with dry, rough hands. Wearing gloves that don't fit my hands or the task is almost as bad! The benefits of wearing well made women's garden gloves instead of cheap discount store women's garden gloves or men's garden or work gloves include:

  • Fewer blisters, sores, and splinters
  • Faster and more efficient work in the garden and yard because you can get and maintain a better grip on tools and equipment.
  • A variety of well fitting gloves allows you to complete each task in the fastest and safest means possible
  • More time to enjoy the fruits of your labors or other activities

With all these great features in gardening gloves that are designed for women, why buy gloves designed for men? These gloves are:

  • Designed for smaller hands with slender longer palms and fingers
  • Avaiable in colors and prints suited to women’s tastes
  • Available in multiple sizes in several styles
  • Available in a variety of fabics and styles to suit a variety of tasks.

So check out the variety of ladies gardening gloves available at KatzGardenGloves. Find the ones that fit your gardening and work glove needs.

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