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Children's Gardening Gloves

My kids loved to dig in a sand box or play in the dirt when they were little.  And I bet yours do too!  They will also gleefully pull a carrot out of the ground or pop peas out of a pod to munch on.  They will proudly present you with a bouquet of dandilions or zinnias from their flower garden (or yours)! Meanwhile their hands get filthy and grubby.  Children's gardening gloves can help them keep their hands cleaner and make gardening and playing more fun.

  • Do you want your children or grandchildren to help you in your garden?
  • Do you want to pass on your love of gardening to your kids or grandkids?
  • Do your kids enjoy helping you garden, but beg you for gardening gloves just like yours and you can't find any?

Kids need gloves that are sturdy and sized for their small hands.  Sometimes they want a pair of gloves that are just the same as mom's or dad's.  So where can you find these types of gloves for toddlers and young children? 

KatzGardenGloves carries a selection of children's gardening gloves in various fabrics and in a range of bright colors and prints.  There are even gloves with prints of major cartoon characters.  For those who are seeking matching parent-child gardening glove sets, there are several sets available as well.

Check out the links below to find the gloves that will best suit what your child desires.


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