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Men prefer durable, well made gloves that last.  While women like snug-fitting gloves, men tend to like looser fitting gloves. It doesn't matter if you are talking about cotton work gloves or heavy duty leather or leather-palmed gloves. Men also don't seem terribly interested in having a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from since that doesn't affect its durability.

KatzGardenGloves has the men's gloves you want!

  • Cotton jersey and woven gloves are great for basic tasks and chores that easily tear up and ruin gloves where you might want to toss them out frequently. They are cooler for hot weather and easily washed.
  • Canvas gloves are also great for basic chores and tend to be a bit more durable than jersey gloves.
  • Leather and leather-palmed gloves are great for all around work gloves where you use hand tools and power tools in the yard and garden. Some leather gloves are washable others are not.
  • Dipped gloves are what you need when things get muddy, you need a grip on things, and you want to keep your hands dry.

KatzGardenGloves has a good selection of men's garden gloves and men's work gloves in a variety of fabrics. Determine the tasks you need the gloves for first before buying your gloves. Go to Glove Characteristics and Sizing for information to help you determine the best glove for what you need.

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