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Lined and Cold-Weather Gloves

Sometimes the weather is cold enough that a regular pair of work or gardening gloves is just insufficient., but the work still needs to get done.  You need a pair of lined gloves that stiil provides the comfort and protection you need for the task at hand and a lining to keep your hands warm.  The lined gloves you will find here will have full linings unless otherwise stated.  You can find gloves with linings of Foam (FL), Pile (PL), Thermal (t), Vellux(R) (V), Themolite(R) (TL), ThinsulateTM (TH), Polar Fleece (PF), and Cotton Lining (.LJ)   You will also find unlined Polar Fleece gloves.

If you have a favorite pair of gloves, we even have a ThinsulateTM , acrylic-wool blend, and cotton glove or mitt liners available to convert your unlined gloves and choppers into lined gloves and choppers for warmth.

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