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The shoes I wear out in the garden are very sad shoes. They are old, stained and torn. I hate to think of all the dirt I've tracked into the house because I forget to take them off.

  • Do your feet get wet because those sneakers weren't waterproof and it had rained the night before and everything was soaked when you went outside?
  • Do you forget to leave them at the door when you return to the house and track dirt or grass clippings all over the house?
  • Or worse yet make mud streaks all over the cream colored carpet in the living room?

Yep. Been there. Done that!

Having shoes or boots or clogs specifically designed for use in the garden will help prevent a lot of that mess and discomfort.

  • Gardening footwear can be rinsed off with the garden hose, leaving the dirt and debris outside before you enter the house.
  • Most types of gardening footwear are waterproofed and protect your feet from puddles, dew and deposits from pet and wildlife.
  • Having a pair of gardening footwear can prevent the inadvertant distruction of your favorite pair sneakers or running shoes and just might reduce the number of times you need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor of your garden track.
  • Of course, remembering to take off your shoes at the door and leaving them outside before your enter the house is probably the only way to avoid leaving tracks on that cream colored carpet, even with a great pair of garden boots or clogs.

Check out our selection of gardening footwear and find a way to save your feet and your floors.

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