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Gardening cannot be done by hand alone or rather it is more easily done with a few extra tools and supplies.

  • Would a garden trowel and cultivator make planting and weeding easier?
  • Do you have leaves to bag up in the fall, but the trash or lawn and garden bags are not the right size for your trash can? And the rake isn't the easiest way to pick up the leaves in the first place once you've raked them into a pile? Or
  • Perhaps you struggle getting new plants growing in the spring and they get so leggy growing under florescent bulbs and then the stems break off when you plant them?

KatzGardenGloves has a sampling of a wide range of garden supplies to help you out.

  • There are a couple of versions of garden trowels and cultivators available;
  • There is a trash bag holder, collapsable bags, lawn and garden tarps to store, collect, and/or carry collected fall leaves and a set of garden claws to pick them up with;
  • A small portable greenhouse you can put out on your deck or patio is available to assist you in raising your garden plants.own garden plants.

So click on the subcategory below that fits your needs and see if KatzGardenGloves has what you want.

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