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What would a garden be without the plants?  Not much unless you had a zen garden or garden of sculptures.  So every gardener needs a source of seeds and plants.  If you are an adventurous gardener, you start many of your own plants, perhaps in a greenhouse or perhaps just on a window sill or under grow lights.  But many vegetables are started straight from seed right in the garden and the varieties available in in catalogs both on and off line are much more extensive than what you find in a local department store. 

The same can be true for plants, especially perennials, annuals or bedding plants, and vegetable plants.  You can often even get shrubs and trees at good prices if you know where to shop.  Just be sure that the plants you get are suited to your property, climate and growing zone.  Nothing is more disappointing than to purchase this wonderful plant and then to have it die over the winter because it wasn't hardy enough to tolerate your cold winter temperatures.  Or you buy a plant that needs lots of sunshine and your property is very shady.

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